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IPTC Batcher

About IPTC Batcher

IPTC Batcher is a GUI front-end for the IPTC Command-Line Utility by David Moore.

Current Features and Limitations, Version 1.0 September 8 2013
  • Add and edit IPTC information in JPEG files only
  • Drop files to the images list from the Finder
  • Drop files from the Finder to the IPTC Batcher dock icon
  • Update all IPTC attributes for a single image or multiple images
  • Add sequence number and text to caption and/or title
Product Requirements
  • Mac OS X 10.8 or higher
  • David Moore's IPTC Command-Line Utility

In order to use IPTC Batcher, you must download, compile and install the IPTC Command-Line Utility from