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Notebooks Companion

About Notebooks Companion

Notebooks Companion is designed to work with the brilliant Notebooks for iPad and Notebooks for iPhone by Alfons Schmid. Its purpose is to let you easily view and edit your notes that you have synchronized to your Mac using Dropbox. If you don't use Notebooks for iPad/iPhone and you don't use Dropbox, then it's probably not for you.

Note: As of December 23, 2011, Notebooks Companion is no longer available. I have received notice that Notebooks for Mac 1.0, the official app is now in beta testing. See Alfons Schmid's site for more information. I promised Alfons I would do this, and I did. Thank you for your interest!

Current Features and Limitations, Version 1.10 February 21 2010
  • Added support for printing
  • Added support font matching and scaling
  • More user options for launching and viewing
  • Improvements to moving and deleting of notes
  • Task list items cannot be renamed; the status of task list items cannot be changed
Product Requirements
  • Mac OS X 10.5 or higher
  • Notebooks for iPad or Notebooks for iPhone
  • Dropbox