Mark Burgess Information Technology Consultant / Custom Software Developer


Mac OS X SofTware

A selection of Mac OS X Freeware

I wrote the following software applications for use with Mac OS X, just because I thought they might be useful...

Most of my time at work is spent on Windows or web software, so this gives me a chance to try something different, for my favorite operating system.

IPTC Batcher is a GUI front-end for the IPTC Command-Line Utility by David Moore. It allows you to manipulate IPTC attributes in JPEG files, either individually or in batch mode.

Notebooks Companion is a desktop companion to Alfons Schmid's Notebooks for iPhone and Notebooks for iPad.

Shokado Web Sharing Tool for Bento is a web application that lets you share your Bento database on your local network.

DeliciousSQLExport - a utility to export your Delicious Library information to a MySQL database.

browserTunes - a web interface for Apple iTunes. Awarded 4.5 out of 5 stars on VersionTracker.

iQueryODBC - an ODBC query tool for Mac OS X.

iQuerySQLite - (Under developement) a port of iQueryODBC specifically for use with SQLite databases.

If you have any ideas for the next OS X app, drop me a line.